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Small business with a character and a style unique enough to impress!

Who We Are!

Based in Sri Lanka – The EditorsTable is dedicated in providing professional video editing services at an affordable price for all who want to make their video Better. We make video editing accessible to people that normally would not edit their videos because of cost or complexity.

We also run the latest hardware with enough grunt to give you the flexibility you need to meet the most demanding creative challenges and deadlines. We like to think we can add a little extra to every project that comes through the EditorsTable, and we’re proud of everything we do.


We work 24Hrs a day for You!

We can deliver your video within 24 hrs

MEET OUR TEAM...they are always up to something good!

Founder & CEO

I have been doing video editing work as a Freelancer for last 3 years and completed 2K projects now i'm starting my own company

Customer Service

I will be always online to provide you help, when you need through chat or voice so feel free to ask cause i'm happy to help.

Project Manager

I ensure all projects remain on track, goals are met and most importantly, clients are happy.

Senior Editor

I'm responsible for all editing works here and my unique and creative approach to editing videos is appreciated by all customers.